Golden Hour Mobile Lightroom Presets, FREE!

Here are the easy steps to install Lightroom presets..!

Step 1: After downloading, open Downloads folder and unzip “Golden Hour – Preset” file.

Step 2: Once the file unzipped, select all DNG files and send to Lightroom app.

Step 3: Select a DNG image in Lightroom app and click the options button in top right corner.

Step 4: Click “Create Preset”, name your Preset, select your “Preset Group”, and click ““. Repeat this step for each DNG picture.

Step 5: Select an image you want to edit then click “Preset” and choose the preset you created. Voila!!


  • To edit face color, please adjust Orange luminance and saturation.
  • Use similar steps for Lightroom desktop by importing the DNG images.



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